Saturday, 4 January 2014

The Scots In Ulster - Surname Map

Tracing the origins of your surname.
When tracing your family history, identity and place of origin is uppermost in many peoples minds you need to look carefully at all the clues that lie out there. I previously mentioned the origins of the Anderson Surname and to look a little further this resource has been informative.
My branch of the Andersons I am quite sure arrived in Ulster prior to the Plantation of Ulster around 1610, there was a large settlement of Lowland Scots and Northern English in 1606 that became known as the Hamilton & Montgomery Settlement of 1606, this is when I feel we Anderson's arrived, not to colonise the Irish but to settle and live amongst them.
If you want a copy of this excellent resource it can be ordered at Wall Chart Here from an excellent organisation - the Ulster Scots Community Network. It was designed by Mark Thompson.

My own image - with words taken from Ulster Historical Foundation Web Site.

Produced by the Ulster Historical Foundation in conjunction with Tourism Ireland and the Ulster-Scots Agency for the Stone Mountain Games in Atlanta, Georgia in October 2008. These A1 (folding to A5) maps list over 400 names of the first wave of Scottish settlers who migrated to Ulster between 1606 and 1641, all researched from the surviving documents of the time. The text was prepared by Dr William Roulston and the design was executed by Mark Thompson Design.


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